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This summer we did a series of interactive pop-up events in nine towns around west cork, which  was met with a huge positive response from the local communities. In essence we constructed a cart with a continuous roll of paper which we wheeled around towns talking to local people, asking the opinions on their local area. So far in this alternative approach to casual community consultation we have gathered over 60m worth of ideas, opinions and local knowledge. As part of the project we want to break down the divide between architecture practice and local communities.  We see ourselves still very much in the research phase of the project, as we feel that the project should be very much run by the desires of the community and WeCAN acting as a platform for this. 


The canvas was exhibited in Levis’ in Ballydehob for the public to see on the last day of the roadshow

This fifty metre long roll serves as a record of each interaction, depicting the stream of public consciousness - containing invaluable feedback on their locality. The community in each town identified key strengths and weaknesses within their built environment, the findings of which can be extrapolated to every village, town and city in Ireland.


It was essential that the information we collected was openly displayed back to the public. in order to learn from each other and further the conversation

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we would like to thank Cork Builders Providers Ltd. for sponsoring us with the materials used in the construction of the cart

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