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WeCAN is the West Cork Architectural Network.

The network exists to encourage engaged and energetic discourse involving the wider community. 

WeCAN is a socially orientated practice engaging with local communities and individuals around west cork, in order to give a platform for their opinions on their local areas to be heard, while also acting as a network between these communities.

WeCAN intends to highlight the importance of architecture outside of the city centres and encourage understanding of architecture and architectural practise as a viable, important and useful tool in approaching the ever changing and challenging opportunities of our rural environment.

As current crises force us to re-evaluate our inhabitation of rurality, we propose architecture and socially engaged design as the medium through which we discuss our hopes for our future.

Architecture is the medium through which WeCAN intends to deliver the community’s message.

Based in West Cork, amongst an already thriving and vibrant culture of design, craft and innovation, the network seeks to provoke discussion amongst the everyday inhabitants of West Cork.

We see ourselves still very much in the research phase of the project, as we feel that the project should be very much run by the desires of the community and WeCAN acting as a platform for this. 

Le chéile, WeCAN.

the team

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As a collective, for now we are a small group, all in our 20s, we all grew up in different parts of west cork and moved away to study architecture and work.
Now post graduation and post covid we all have a desire to reconnect with our local communities in a meaningful way. 

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